We are two lovely ladies (Amy & Tiffany) spreading the love and joy around with pearls and handmade treasures.
Our rounded pearls are cultured in freshwater and every pearl you open will be unique to you. If you are lucky enough you might even find more than one pearl in your oyster. You get an oyster opening with all jewelry purchases but you are more than welcome to buy more oysters and change them out in your caged jewelry. If you have a pearl that you would like drilled and mounted to one of our jewelry pieces you can send it to us and we will mount it for you. 


I'm a cat lover and adore the kitties I have. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden and sitting back to watch it all come to life.  I like to dabble in a few arts and crafts like sewing, cross stitch, origami and a few other crafts. I love opening pearls and its always so exciting to see what color is in there. So come and open some pearls with me or get some to open in the comfort of your own home.


I am a self taught crafter in the art of crochet and knitting. I love Amigurumi, which is the Japanese art of knitting and crocheting small, to large, stuffed yarn creatures. I enjoy making clothing such as cardigans, sweaters, light tops, socks, as well as seasonal center pieces, blankets and more! I personally love to crochet baby gifts, So if you know someone expecting, I am your crafting fairy!