Are the Pearls real?

Yes they are cultured Pearls. Our Akoya & freshwater pearls are natural round Pearls. (There is a chance of the Pearls having flaws as it is made in nature)  They have been treated with dye to enhanced the pearl so we can have the lovely colors of the rainbow and everything in between. 

Are the oysters edible?

No, they are preserved with chemicals and vacuum sealed. Oysters, Pearls and or juice are not suitable for consumption by humans or animals. Please put all scraps in the bin. Pearlettes & Treasures are not liable for ingesting any part of the oyster and or any harm that comes to you while opening an oyster at home.

Can I choose the color of my Pearl?

Unfortunately the Pearls you open out of the oyster are unique to you and you are unable to choose the color. However if you choose to adopt a Pearl you are able to choose the color out of all the adoptable ones on the facebook page.

My oyster doesn't have a Pearl inside of it.

There is a low risk of no Pearl in the oyster. If you buy an open at home oyster, please record yourself opening the oysters as proof and we love to see your lovely Pearls being discovered. If there is no Pearl we will replace the oyster but only if there is video proof. We are unable to give you another oyster free of charge if there is no video of you opening the Pearl. If there is no Pearl in the oyster on LIVE we will just open another oyster. 

How long can I keep my at home oyster?

Oysters will last up to 9 months in the vacuum sealed bag. Keep them in a cool dry place until you are ready to open them. Once vacuumed sealed bag is opened, open the oyster straight away and see what color Pearl you got.

Can I change my Pearl in the jewelry?

You can certainly change out the Pearls in the cages but any Pearls that are drilled and mounted are set into that certain piece of jewelry and can not be changed out.

Can I purchase just jewelry or just oysters?

All jewelry comes with an oyster opening but you are more than welcome to just buy oysters and then decide you want some jewelry further down the track.

Can I pick my items up?

You can pick up your pearls, jewlery and some of our handmade treasures if you are in the Reno, NV USA area. Just message the page and we can set it up for you.


We accept pay-pal for the moment.

A flat fee of $6 for Domestic Shipping and International orders have a flat fee of $20 or if you are only wanting a necklace or pearl and are living overseas, message the page and we can work with you on postage.

Purchases will be shipped within 5 to 14 days depending on your order and what needs to go into mounting. (Mounting jewelry will take at least 48 hours for the pearls to be set) International orders will take longer in transit.

If you have Pearls that you want drilled to a piece of our jewelry you the buyer will be responsible for postage both ways. 

Some of our handmade treasures have longer shipping dates due to the item being made to order.

Returns / Refunds / Exchanges

No refunds unless you have paid twice or on the wrong item.

All sales are final. If you bought an item that was drilled and mounted it is now specific to that piece of jewelery and can not be refunded.

There is a 30 day guarantee/warranty if your Pearl falls out or necklace breaks and we will replace it for free. We will only fix the things that you bought from us and they must be returned in original packaging. Please send us a photograph of the item as well. 

Caring For Your Pearl

Pearls are natural gems and are formed in oysters and can be harmed if they come into contact with sharp objects or chemicals. The following will help you care for your new Pearls.

  • Always apply perfume, hair spray or lotions before putting on your Pearl jewelry.

  • They are natural and need a little moisture every now and again or they dry out just like your skin would. Do not leave them in plastic or in a hot dry place. Store Pearls in a pouch or soft cloth to help protect them from abrasive and rough surfaces or objects.

  • Never clean your Pearl with any household cleaner. (Bleach, ammonia, vinegar, detergents) If something happens to them give them a good soak in lukewarm water with a gentle mild/natural soap. Rinse well and dry on a cotton cloth and they will be ready to wear. Your skin will help return the natural oils to your Pearls and help with their luster.

  • Don't use any type of cleaning pads or abrasive materials on your Pearls.

  • Don't exercise with your Pearls on as your ph levels will damage them.

  • Pearls are for wearing and not to be locked away. Wearing them will help your Pearls get natural oils and help define their natural luster.

  • Don't forget that your Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


Enjoy your new Pearls