Open At Home Fresh Water Oysters

Inside these Freshwater Oysters are your unique round pearls. Colors will be a suprise until you open them. If you are after a certain color you can check out the adoptables and see if we have your color.

If you want to trade your pearls for a different color we are willing to help you out. Just send us a message and we will set it up for you.

You can get this pearl mounted onto any of our jewlery pieces, put into a cage pendant or just as a loose pearl to add to your collection.


Happy Opening!


* Jewlery Sold Separately *

* Continental USA residents only

Open At Home Fresh Water Oysters

  • 1. Lay a paper plate and paper towel or small towel down so not to damage your table or bench.

    2. Tear or cut the plastic off the top. (May want to cut the top off the oyster for easier opening)

    3. Open the oyster gently so not to damage the pearl with a butter knife or shucking tool.

    4. Wipe or wash pearl with water and dry on some paper towel to get rid of any oyster bits that the pearl sits against. 

    5. Throw all oyster shell and soft tissue away as it is not eatible.

    6. Admire your pearl in a pendant cage or add it to your collection. Pealrs may be sent back to Pearletters & Treasures to be mounted on any jewelry. 





    Please do not eat any part of the oyster


    When opening at home please take a video of you opening the oyster in case there is no pearl in your oyster and we will send you another oyster free of charge. You are guaranteed a pearl!


    Only for US Residents. Sorry no international customers. 


    Pearlettes & Treasures are not liable for any damages or injuries while opening oysters at home.